Summer Staff Application

Sagitawa Christian Camps

We request that you seek God’s leading as you prepare to join the summer team at Sagitawa.

1.      Complete and return this form as well as the Health Form.

2.      Provide contact information for 2 people willing to act as references..

3.      Camp will contact you with information on how to file an online “Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information” after receiving your application.

4.      Wait for our prayerful review and acceptance to Training Camp.

5.      Successfully complete all required training.

Please Note: Sagitawa cannot officially accept you as a member of the summer team until we have received all information required, forms requested, and criminal record check. You will not be allowed to work with children in any capacity until such time as we receive the required parts of your criminal record check.

This application includes long answer questions. It may be wise to peruse and locate the longer answer questions so that you can fill them out on a separate document. That way you can copy/paste back to the applicaiton once you are ready.

* Required fields have an asterisk. If there are required fields* that do not apply, please use "N/A".

Also please note that this is a general email form. Information is not encryped and can be stolen while the email is enroute to the camp office.


Applicant Name*
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy) *
Marital Status*
Valid Driver's License Class
DL: Province of Issue

Permanent Contact Information:

Mailing Address1*
Mailing Address2
Phone - home*
Phone - other
Email (please confirm it if you have one):

Temporary Contact Information:  (if applicable)

Last date to use (mm/dd/yy)
Temp Address1
Temp Address2
Temp City
Temp Province
Temp Code
Temp Phone

Emergency Contact Information:  (if applicable)

City / Prov*


Position - 1st choice*
Position - 2nd choice
Position - 3rd choice

Time Commitment:

To view dates required for position go to then "Adult Volunteers", then "Schedule".  If you cannot fulfill certain dates please give reasons below.

I can start on *
I will need to leave by *


Name of School

If in post-secondary or post-graduate...

Give degree/ program and length
Give current year and grad date

Are you interested in any of the following:

A practicum or internship this year?
Applying for a bursary?


Home church
Name of Pastor

Please describe the frequency of the following and give reasons.

Church & Bible study attendance


1. Please comment based on the specific position for which you are applying.

What experience do you have?*
Strengths & weaknesses regarding
knowledge and abilities?*
2. Describe past leadership experience*

3. What do you see as your main strengths and weaknesses as you seek to develop your leadership ability?

4. Please describe any previous camp
ministry experience. *
5. Why do you want to serve at
Camp Sagitawa this spring/summer?*
6. What do you hope to contribute to camp
7. What would you like to see accomplished in
your life as a result of being on staff?*


1. Give a number from 1-5 that best describes you in the routine of daily life.  [ 1=poor .... 5=good ]

Ability to listen*
Get along with children*
Get along with adults*
Neat and organized*
Physical fitness*
Public speaking*
Self motivated*
Thoughtful of others*
Respect other's possessions*
Comment on any of above

2. Please comment on...

(a) Your attitude towards opposite gender
(Can you work with them? Do they distract
you? In a position of authority?)*
(b) Your comfort level in sharing your faith in
God with different age groups and peers.*

(c) Your scholastic ability:

Read, process and reiterate forms of
written communication*
Communicate yourself clearly via written
(d) Please comment on your emotional
stability, ability to your control temper, and
ability to persevere under stress. How does
being tired affect you in these areas?*
(e) How do you respond to authority when
you don't entirely respect or agree with a
decision or direction?*
(f) How well you work with others?
(distracted, focused, impatient, lead, wait for
instruction, find something to contribute)*
(g) Describe your relationship with your
parents and other family members.*


Intensive team ministry often causes personal attitudes, convictions and practices to become exposed. This affects team members, purpose in ministry and team function. Question #6 deals with some issues that may create tension. We do not want a confession, or a life history. We desire to know that you are willing to set certain freedoms aside for the sake of team ministry. This includes setting aside attitudes and discussions that may create schisms on team, choosing rather to embrace and accomplish the Camp Purpose with Team.

1. When and how did you receive Jesus as
your Saviour and Lord?*
2. What evidence do you have for your
3. Please describe your current devotional
life. How would you assess it?*
4. Please share some scripture that is
meaningful to you at this time, and why.*
5. What is God doing in your life and how is
this affecting your spiritual growth?*
6. Briefly describe your attitudes regarding: *

alcohol consumption, smoking, non-prescription drugs, pre-marital sex and homosexuality

7. Doctrinal Convictions:

The journey to maturity comes with challenges to faith and the need to personalize faith for oneself. This may result in changes to beliefs, and so we ask returning staff to let us know if you continue to follow the convictions that you once agreed to teach, and if not please provide some reasons for your convictions.

Seven statements of faith follow,  (some with a brief explanation).

1. The Bible is the verbally inspired Word of God, inerrant in the original writings, and the supreme and final authority in faith and life.  ('Inspired' means "God breathed" his word into author's minds allowing them to write through their personalities without altering the truth that God was giving to them.)

-1a- Do you believe this to be true? Will you
support this in your teaching and interactions with
the campers and staff?*
-1b- Comments or questions

2. God is one God who exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son and HolySpirit.  (They are one in mind, and purpose - one God. They have different roles in how they relate to mankind.)

-2a- Do you believe this to be true? Will you
support this in your teaching and interactions with
the campers and staff?*
-2b- Comments or questions

3. Man was created in God's image, but through disobedience fell into a state of moral and spiritual corruption. (Result is death without hope. But...) Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God, was born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, died vicariously on the cross atoning for the sin of man.  (Therefore...) Salvation is by grace. It is the gift of God and not received by any virtue or works of man, but rather by personal faith in Jesus Christ through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.

-3a- Do you believe this to be true? Will you
support this in your teaching and interactions with
the campers and staff?*
-3b- Comments or questions

4. He arose bodily from the grave, and ascended to the right hand of the Father.  (It is because of the resurrection that we have hope of the same.)

-4a- Do you believe this to be true? Will you
support this in your teaching and interactions with
the campers and staff?*
-4b- Comments or questions

5. Jesus will personally return to judge all men and establish His eternal kingdom. Human destiny for a Christian is the resurrection to life with Christ forever; for the non-Christian, it is a resurrection to eternal judgment.

-5a- Do you believe this to be true? Will you
support this in your teaching and interactions with
the campers and staff?*
-5b- Comments or questions

6. Through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, believers constitute the body of Christ.  (This body of believers is the Church.)

-6a- Do you believe this to be true? Will you
support this in your teaching and interactions with
the campers and staff?*
-6b- Comments or questions

7. A Christian is enabled to live a godly life through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

-7a- Do you believe this to be true? Will you
support this in your teaching and interactions with
the campers and staff?*
-7b- Comments or questions

Information Regarding your Ability to Work with Children and Youth

In order to provide a safe and secure environment for campers, we believe it is necessary to ask the following questions as part of our application process. All information will be kept in confidence by the camp’s leadership team and will not be disclosed by the camp unless required by law.  Answering ‘yes’ to any of the following questions may not necessarily prevent you from volunteering with the camp. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

1. Are there any circumstances involving your lifestyle or history that could call into question your  ability to work safely with children or youth in a Christian environment?


2. Have you ever been convicted or found guilty of a criminal offence for which a pardon has not  been granted? (Note: this does not include minor traffic violations)

If yes, please list offence(s) and date(s) of conviction

3. Have you ever been expelled from or had your employment terminated by any organization or  employer for assault or violence against any person, or for assault, violence or impropriety with  children, youth or vulnerable persons? (e.g. senior citizens or persons with disabilities)


4. Have you ever been investigated by the Ministry of Children and Family Development or any  other organization for suspected child abuse?


5. Do you have any health concerns which could impact your ability to perform the functions of the  volunteer position for which you are applying?


6. Do you have any contagious diseases or medical conditions of which we should be aware, and of  which we may need to take steps to protect against transmission should you volunteer or be a  staff member at the camp?


References & Agreement

Please supply the contact information of three people who know you well and have agreed to act as a reference for you. All references will now be conducted via phone interview. References should be at least 25 years of age and should not be a relation.

1. Pastor/youth pastor/Christian worker:

Name of Reference*
Best phone number to call*
Alternate number
Best time to call*
Email (in case we request a written form)*
How long have you known this person*
Nature of relationship*

2. Teacher/Employer:

Name of Reference*
Best phone number to call*
Alternate number
Best time to call*
Email (in case we request a written form)*
How long have you known this person*
Nature of relationship*

3. Christian Adult who knows you well:

Name of Reference*
Best phone number to call*
Alternate number
Best time to call*
Email (in case we request a written form)*
How long have you known this person*
Nature of relationship*


1.    In order to decide my suitability for volunteer ministry in this organization, I hereby give the designated leadership of Sagitawa Christian Camps consent to:
•    verify the information provided by me in this Summer Staff Application
•    to contact the references and employers listed in this application
•    to obtain and verify any information from them and any other persons that the camp determines to be relevant to my application
2.    I further grant Sagitawa Christian Camps permission to perform an internet search on me and to review and consider any information found posted by me on the Internet.

3.    I understand that if Sagitawa Christian Camps approves my volunteer application and later determines, in its discretion, at any time that I am not suitable for volunteer service in Sagitawa Christian Camps or for the volunteer position for which I am applying, the leadership may terminate my volunteer service or volunteer position for any reason without advance notice.

4.    If Sagitawa Christian Camps approves my application for a volunteer position, I will sign any documents that the camp requires and will at all times cooperate fully with the camp leadership in the fulfillment of my duties and will keep all sensitive information I encounter in my role as a volunteer, confidential.

5.    If at any time I determine that for any reason I am unable to support or adhere to or follow the policies, procedures or doctrine of Sagitawa Christian Camps, I will inform the camp leadership and will resign my volunteer position.

As a staff member . . . (please place initials beside each statement)

* I commit myself under God to live and minister according to His Word.


* I understand that being a part of a team I will be asked to give up certain lifestyle choices and freedoms for the benefit of others. In doing so I will forgo the use of alcohol, smoking, and non-prescription drugs during my time at camp and live up to all expectations laid out in the Staff Expectations; this includes during any time off. I understand that I could be asked to leave the team if I choose not to abstain from these activities. (  go to“must read” and “Expectations of Staff")


* I agree to participate in the camp's program wholeheartedly.


* I agree to minister as part of a team and submit to authority.


* I have read and agree with the Statement of Faith, Purpose and Philosophy and will conduct myself accordingly. ( go to “must read” and “what is Sagitawa about”) 


* I am not coming to Sagitawa to find romance. If I should meet someone whom I wish to pursue a romantic relationship with, I will set it aside for the sake of camp ministry. If I fail to do so and become distracted or we become a distraction to others I understand that I could be asked to leave camp.


* I agree to complete a Criminal Record Check and have it returned to Camp Sagitawa as soon as possible and understand that I cannot start at camp without it.



Camp Sagitawa has access to 3 criminal record check systems. Some provide vulnerable sector searches, some are online and some are free. Which one we suggest depends on your answers to 7 questions. One of the easiest methods verifies the applicant's ID through the national credit score database (this explains one of the questions). Could you please answer the following by checking the box if the statement is true?

I've been 18 or older for at least 6 months.
I am 23 or older.
I've had a credit card in my name for at least 6 months.
I've been Staff, Seed or Colt at a Sagitawa camp before.
I completed a crim check for Sagitawa less than 5 years ago.
I am applying for a volunteer position.
[This doesn't limit candidate from receiving a work grant or bursary.]
I have access to a device that can access the internet.

Please Note...

Upon receipt of this application camp will email you with information about obtaining your criminal record check.

Are both these true?

  • You have never been Staff, Seed or Colt at any of the Sagitawa camps before.
  • You are under 18 years and haven't had a credit card in your own name for at least 6 months.

If both the above statements are true, we will be sending you paperwork to submit to CRRP. This paperwork requires that you have emailed to camp 2 pieces of picture ID, at least one of them being govenrment issue. Please take care of this immediately and email to sagitawa dot director @ xplornet dot com. (email code to avoid online spider robots looking to glean email addresses for spam purposes - no spaces, and 'dot' = '.')

Camp Director


I hereby acknowledge that, to the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this Summer Staff Application is true and correct.  (Typing your name with the date shows intent to sign.)


Name (signature)
Date of signature

Information received in this Staff Application Form is confidential and is being gathered for the purposes of considering your application for volunteer ministry with Sagitawa Christian Camps and for assessing potential ministry opportunities for you in the future.